Yummy Yummy delicious meal

spiced by love and nature

Over a 100 years ago Dolija forefathers planted first olive trees on the rocky and barren land.

High quality

Exclusively the first press of olives, no chemical treatment, eco friendly methods of production, modern cold -pressing process.


Always below 28°C, olives are washed and ground into a paste, pressed to extract the oil and remaining solid particles are separated from the final product.

Health benefits

Vit. E and K, β-Carotene, fytosterols and polyphenols & antioxidant properties contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Unique structure

Huge presence of oleic acid in its structure guarantees high oxidative stability and that's why extra virgin olive oil is a great preservative.


Enrich the taste of every meal - salad, pasta, rice, meat but also enriches the skin. It's great as a massage oil and a base of cosmetic creams.

Numerous honors & international awards


Istrian bjelica is included in the world famous guide of extra virgin olive oils Flos Olei 2019., 2018. & 2017.!


Istrian bjelica is included on the list of best extra virgin olive oils in the world 2018.!


International extra virgin olive oil competition -
Silver medal for Istrian bjelica 2018.!


Gold medals 2018.- Rosinjola, Pendolino, Leccino, Buza.


International olive oil competition - Istrian bjelica Silver medal 2018. &
golden medal 2017.!


Gold medals 2018.- Rosinjola, Pendolino, Leccino, Buza,
2017.- Rosinjola, Pendolino.


Gold medals 2017.- Istrian bjelica, Carbonaca
Gold medals 2016. - Istrian bjelica, Buza.


Three golds for three extra virgin olive oils at international exhibition in Dalmatia, Croatia 2020.

Health & quality for you and your loved ones

As a result of a long family tradition, love for olives and a high set standards,
now we have a privilage to experience the simplicity and natural beauty of southern Istria
in 6 types of extra virgin olive oils.

Rafe, Rosinjola, Buza, Istrian Bjelica, Pendolino & Leccino

Discover unique stories of each type

Istrian bjelica

Straight branches, thick, leafy tree tops and strong roots, Istrian bjelica knows her way up, soaking up the sun and air. She bravely resists the cold and the wind.

Her strong character is emphasized by the flavour of her oil – bitter, pungent and spicy, like absinthe. Her fruitful branches remind us of our ancestors’ pride and their hard working hands that have fed the generations, inspiring them permanently with their strength and dignity.



Pendolino looks like a hypersensitive poet. It’s a wonderfully green oil and beautifully balanced flavour, moderately bitter and spicy.

Although he appears melancholic, in his soul he’s a hedonist who loves to mingle with game, beef steak and semi-mature cheeses.



Easily adjustable and generous Leccino, exuberant in growth, impressively tall, with a large trunk and symmetrical tree top, blossoms lavishly, grows bountiful amounts of fruit. His rich appearance makes him a perfect decorative plant. He has big flowers and aromatic fruit.

The flavour of his oil depends on the time of the harvest and can vary from dominantly fresh fruity to mild fruity aromas. Adaptability, as well as rich and balanced flavour, make this oil perfect for meat and vegetable dishes and is a must for any light salad.



Buža, round and lush, a flirty and voluptuous Mediterrranean coquette seeks attention, warm and protection to give the best of herself. She will show her charm slowly, always trying to stay mysterious.

Her oil will have freshness, a required dose of bitterness and a provocative spiciness at the beginning of the harvest. But just like a true diva, maturity will give her the gift of a particular sweetness and the recognizable fruity aroma.



Rosinjola, a charming lady with a soft heart that loves heat and will sunbathe gladly althought it’ll bring out her freckles. No problem though, as freckles are a part of her charm anyway along with a meticulous attention to detail: rich tree tops bearing many small branches decorated with tiny flowers that morph into beautiful tiny fruit, yellow-pink to dark purple in colour.

Her oil, with a pronounced bitter aroma and distinct smell of almond and evergreens is an indispensable guest of many high class gatherings.


Do you believe in angels, sparkling eternal beings that help when help is needed with their miraculous interventions and make life easier and the world a better place?  Oil Rafe is just like the angel Raphael, in charge of health, peace and comfort. Buza, Karbonaca, Rosinjola and Drobnica have entrusted him with their secrets, his trusted friends are Pendolino, Leccino and Cipressino, and with Bjelica he is connected intuitively without saying a word. If he was a painter, he would be the famous Raphael.
Amongst the Dolija oils, he is a blend of the best. The oil with character.

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