Mobyclean-wet wipes for disinfecting screens

18,00  (135,62 kn)

1 set contain 10 boxes. Each box has 5 wet wipes dimensions: 14,5*20,5 cm. Each wipe is packaged separately.

In one set is in total 50 wet wipes.

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Bacterial flora analysis studies show that the average mobile screen contains about 25,000 bacteria, the main ones being Acinetobacter baumannii, which is the cause of many hospital outbreaks, and Staphylococcus aureus, which often causes skin infections, pneumonia, inflammation of the heart valves, and bone inflammation.

Life without mobile devices is unthinkable for 4 billion people on the planet, so a clean cell phone is a must-have step in protecting health.
Disinfect the screens daily.

QUALITY: Mobyclean disinfect the screens of mobile devices without leaving traces.

INNOVATION: Recieved multiple awards for innovation. Golden medal for the innovation from London and silver medal from Zagreb.


End users: Use daily. Keep it in your bag, pocket or wallet – ready for cleaning your mobile devices.

Companies: Mobyclean may be your small marketing tips for your brand or company. Small things are important. Give to your clients, employees or tourists small gesture – wet wipes with your logo, or some unique company motto/slogan.