This social game simulates sailing, allowing players to become sailors navigating small wooden sailboats. Compete in regattas, discover amazing wildlife, and explore the unique features of the Mediterranean. Available in English and Croatian. The concept and products have received innovation medals: gold in Germany, gold in Croatia, and bronze in Switzerland







Explore the vast and diverse Mediterranean region with our immersive board game, featuring 25 countries and 223 unique locations. Navigate through charming towns, enchanting islands, and stunning natural parks while encountering local winds, engaging in thrilling races, and uncovering captivating author’s stories. Face challenges and obstacles in navigation and sailing as you embark on this exciting journey. Available in both English and Croatian, the game includes bilingual rules and cards for accessibility. The comprehensive box set includes a beautifully illustrated board map, 223 cards, 6 wooden sailing boats, 1 dice, 6 counters, and a rulebook for hours of immersive gameplay.

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About the Author: Sanja Vale Čupić

Sanja Vale Čupić, born on June 2, 1975, is a brand manager by profession and a passionate sailor. She has spent years sailing the Adriatic with her children and husband. Even during pregnancy and when her children were just a few months old, Sanja would take them on the boat. Together with their four children, they sailed countless miles on the Adriatic, witnessing sunrises, sunsets, and starry nights. Their adventures included sailing through storms, fog, and rough seas over the past 20 years in a sailing boat of 8 meters long.

Sanja and her husband, both business owners, work diligently to provide for their family. However, they seize every free moment to escape to the sea with their children, raising the sails and setting off on new adventures. When the children were young, these trips were the best family vacations, filled with exploration and discovery, visiting a new bay, city, or location each day.

Enchanted by the Adriatic and the accessibility of sailing for almost everyone, Sanja conceptualized a sailing simulation game while on maternity leave. She wanted to share her love and passion for sailing, research, and discovery with everyone. She designed the game on the floor of her home, aiming to spread the joy of full-sail adventures.

Sanja later joined a sailing club and honed her skills in competitive sailing on cruisers, participating in regattas. Since 2021, she has been running the sailing club in Pula, organizing regatta events for cruisers.

Company: Adrinaut

Production year: 2013

Additional information

Weight 0,80 kg
Dimensions 23,1 × 5,1 × 40,3 cm

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