Conquer Adriatic – Final copies with the author’s signature


This social game simulates sailing, allowing players to become sailors navigating small wooden sailboats. Compete in regattas, discover amazing wildlife, and explore the unique features of the Croatian Adriatic and coast. Available in Croatian, with options to order in German, English, and Italian.The concept and products have received innovation medals: gold in Germany, gold in Croatia, and bronze in Switzerland.

The final copies, signed by the author, were produced in 2013.


Experience Real Locations and the Author’s Story in a Sailing Simulation

Experience real locations and the author’s story in a sailing simulation through a social game. “Osvoji Jadran/ Conquer Adriatic” was designed and produced as a unique product for enjoying sailing in the Croatian Adriatic. It is produced according to high standards, respecting ecology. The wood is sourced from Croatia, and the paper is produced in the Netherlands. Production: EU. The author’s story on the cards, derived from personal sailing experiences and research on locations, introduces the player to the world of coastal, Adriatic, and sailing exploration. The wooden sailboats, like the dice, are semi-handmade and uniquely designed exclusively for this game, making each a special souvenir. An ecological coating is used on each sailing boat. The game offers travel-like fun, raises awareness of nature conservation, and promotes responsible travel. Suitable for ages 6 and up.


Sail with small wooden sailboats through the Croatian Adriatic, exploring interesting features of 122 locations, navigating with the winds of the Adriatic, facing obstacles, discovering endangered and protected species, visiting national parks, nature parks, and exploring legends, sunken ships, and the uniqueness of each location.


Ideal as a gift for sea lovers, sailors, families who enjoy exploring with children, business partners, and tourists seeking a souvenir from the Adriatic. It is also suitable for the charter industry as promotional and entertainment material, either on ships or as a business gift. An original gift for travel enthusiasts, sailors, and especially those with an emotional attachment to the Croatian Adriatic. The game is designed for tourism and education, entertaining players in the roles of tourists and sailors, and taking them on an adventure to discover the Croatian Adriatic and coast. It is especially appealing to lovers of the Adriatic, who appreciate the Croatian saying, “The sea is clearer than people” ;-).

NOT SUITABLE FOR: This is not a sci-fi game. The information and experienced situations of sailors are real. For those seeking science fiction entertainment, “Conquer the Adriatic” is not the right choice.

About the Author: Sanja Vale Čupić

Sanja Vale Čupić, born on June 2, 1975, is a brand manager by profession and a passionate sailor. She has spent years sailing the Adriatic with her children and husband. Even during pregnancy and when her children were just a few months old, Sanja would take them on the boat. Together with their four children, they sailed countless miles on the Adriatic, witnessing sunrises, sunsets, and starry nights. Their adventures included sailing through storms, fog, and rough seas over the past 20 years.

Sanja and her husband, both business owners, work diligently to provide for their family. However, they seize every free moment to escape to the sea with their children, raising the sails and setting off on new adventures. When the children were young, these trips were the best family vacations, filled with exploration and discovery, visiting a new bay, city, or location each day.

Enchanted by the Adriatic and the accessibility of sailing for almost everyone, Sanja conceptualized a sailing simulation game while on maternity leave. She wanted to share her love and passion for sailing, research, and discovery with everyone. She designed the game on the floor of her home, aiming to spread the joy of full-sail adventures.

Sanja later joined a sailing club and honed her skills in competitive sailing on cruisers, participating in regattas. Since 2021, she has been running the sailing club in Pula, organizing regatta events for cruisers.

Company: Adrinaut

Production year: 2013

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